Stylish and Savvy

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About S and S

We are friends that have a passion for planning parties. From picking out invitations to hand folding napkins, we love every little detail. Most of all we enjoy the end result... a happy YOU!

We, owners Traci Clark and Shelley Attebery, have been friends for over fifteen years, but didn't find our "party passion" until the Fall of 2012, when we were brought together to plan the wedding of a very important person in our lives. We had over a year to make this wedding spectacular and that is exactly what we did. From assembling and embellishing the Save the Dates to personally folding and decorating each napkin, we designed and created everything except the food and fresh flowers. We took the bride's theme and brought it to life. 

During the planning process, many people mentioned that they couldn't believe how much time and effort we were putting in. They also suggested that we should consider planning events professionally. The more we heard that, the more we thought that maybe they were right. After all, we loved every minute of the design process and execution of the ideas we had developed, so why not do it on a full time basis? That was when Stylish and Savvy was born.

We are here to help you with any event and can't wait to make it a special one. Your happiness is important to us and we are honored to be a part of your special day!